Healthy Self Therapy Course

6 day Therapy Course: Jan to May 2021

Unfortunately, due to covid this course is not able to run. Please still get in contact if you are interested and I will put you on my mailing list.


‘Healthy Self’ Therapy Course:  establishing permanent change

  • Why do certain relationships/ situations cause me upset, and do I need a healthier way of managing this?
  • Why can’t I control certain behaviours that keep me stuck (e.g. overeating/drinking)?
  • Why am I so hard on myself and so self-critical?
  • Why do I get so frustrated, overwhelmed, anxious and upset?
  • Why does being a perfectionist/ having such high standards cause me so much stress?
  • Why do I get so defensive with certain people and in certain situations?
  • How can I manage my overthinking better at night?
  • Why do I have to seek reassurance in some areas and not others?

If you can relate to any of these questions, then please read about the course I am running in January.

The course will focus on a new way of thinking in order to feel more content and in control. The Healthy Self model provides a structure to develop new insights and tools to move forward in areas that are more difficult.

I have used this model to empower many individuals, couples and groups over the years with great success.

The aim of the course is to provide a safe supportive environment to explore the following:

  • To understand and learn how the Healthy Self model can empower you to make permanent changes
  • To identify which thinking patterns and behaviours are keeping you stuck and how to change this
  • To explore how childhood experiences inform our identity and affect our beliefs as adults
  • To explore why you respond in certain ways and how this may connect to your past
  • To learn how our survival responses often get in the way of healthy relationships
  • To learn how to regulate certain emotional states that may be causing issues e.g. stress, anxiety, avoidance
  • To identify what you need to develop a healthier lifestyle and feel more content and in control

The Healthy Self model is focussed on empowerment, gaining insight into why certain emotions are personal triggers and how to build your own resources to manage this.

My name is Sandy Jay and I have spent years studying the psychology of human beings. I have had the privilege of working with many people with a variety of different issues, all needing different therapeutic approaches. This has involved studying many different therapeutic models, in order to help individuals and couples find solutions in the areas that keep them stuck.
My focus on developing the Healthy Self model*ref is the result of these experiences.
The model is a relatively simple format that covers many complex processes – my aim is to empower you to discover and use your own resourcefulness to ultimately make changes for yourself.
The model incorporates many years of reflection & experience (within my clinical practice) and endeavours to incorporate important aspects of neuroscience, behavioural change, emotional regulation, mindfulness and attachment theory.

The therapy course will help you identify the tools you need to make the changes you want, help you to understand your responses to things, and demonstrate how when younger, you learnt to manage your experiences, and what you need to do in order to access your own resources now.

The therapy course will be split into 6 workshops: the first 2 are full days and are quite structured: introducing the model and helping you identify your goals. The remaining 4 workshops will be less focussed on agenda so I can adjust the time according to the needs of the group members and issues you may be experiencing or want more learning on.

*My initial thinking regarding the model was during my time in training to work with trauma clients. I was hugely excited by the ‘Identity-orientated psychotrauma’ model developed by Franz Ruppert (2012). Over the years I have developed and adapted this model to use with different client groups and for very different purposes. It now holds little resemblance to the original, other than the shape!
However, I want to honour Ruppert’s enormous contribution and wish to acknowledge where my thinking began.

Healthy Self Therapy Course – Information Details:

Attendance at all 6 workshops are necessary to attend the course.
Attendance on any other Healthy Self courses should not affect attendance on this course. The focus of these days will be very different – any repetition of material taught will be minimal and will act as a reminder!!

Dates in 2021

Buckfast Abbey map

Buckfast Abbey map

Full day Workshops 1 & 2
January 8th & 9th 9.30 – 4pm Longer days to introduce model and identify goals

All dates below: 12.30 – 4.30pm. Please ensure you have an early lunch beforehand!
Workshop 3: January 29th
Workshop 4: March 5th
Workshop 5: April 23rd
Workshop 6: May 14th


Buckfast Abbey

Buckfast Abbey

The course will take place in Northgate House which is a wonderful building set in the peaceful setting of  Buckfast Abbey on the edge of Dartmoor, Devon.

It is only 1 mile from the A38 between Exeter and Plymouth so very easy to access by car. Totnes railway station is only a 15 minute taxi drive away.

Buckfast Abbey, Buckfast, Devon, TQ11 OEJ

Fees and Payment Details

Full payment is for the complete course including any cancellations.
Fees include refreshments. Lunch can be purchased in Abbey. Please eat lunch prior to the course on the half days!

  1. £195 for initial 2 day workshop: Jan 8th/9th 2021
    £100 deposit. Full payment due 28 days before 2 days.
  1. £285 for workshops 3, 4, 5, & 6.
    Payable either in full or in 3 monthly instalments of £95 starting Jan 1st 2021

About Sandy Jay

Sandy Jay

  • I am a Registered Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor with United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy (U.K.C.P)
  • I am the founder of Psychotherapy Services offering psychotherapy to individuals, couples and groups. For many years I worked within the N.H.S. as a Psychological Therapist.
  • I have had the privilege of working in Ghana where I set up a training programme on the ‘legacy of trauma on a child’s development’ for staff who worked with children who had been trafficked.
  • More about Sandy Jay

Process of enquiry

  • Watch the YouTube video of the course below and if you are interested…
  • Email me with your initial interest or fill in the contact page
  • I will then contact you to set up an assesment session date
  • I will send you a booking form and request the deposit to secure the assesment session.
  • Then all set to go for January!

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