Well Being service & Personal Development: making changes with the ‘Healthy Self’ model


The Well Being service offers an educational approach to change. Its aim is to assist and empower individuals and couples to make the changes needed for themselves by using the ‘Healthy Self’ model. It focuses on developing insights and developing coping strategies for change.

Issues that can be addressed are many. Here are a few examples: stress, relationship difficulties, loneliness, anxiety, over working, eating or drinking unhealthily….any many more.

I have been developing the model over many years in my role as a Psychotherapist and Trainer. The model has a simple format to follow, enabling individuals to use for themselves. The model has been proven to assist in helping individuals and couples in both their personal and professional lives.

As humans, we are hugely complicated, so changing entrenched responses can be hard, as our wiring is complex and has evolved over many years. It has been influenced by our genetic makeup, our upbringings, our experiences, our belief systems, our nature…and much more

The model is a simple format to enable you to understand why you respond to certain situations/people in the way you do. It helps you to gain awareness into when this is happening and more importantly what resources you need from your Healthy Self to respond differently. Sometimes this involves making inner changes, alongside reflecting on how we live our lives and where we put our values.

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If you are seeking  psychotherapy then please visit the Psychotherapy page

Individual ‘Healthy Self’ consultations: We will initially meet for a consultation so I fully understand what you hope to change and where our focus needs to be. We will then use the model to understand the dynamics behind the issues and what inner changes and resources you need to change the outcomes. This will involve learning new techniques so you can strengthen and develop your ability to use your own wisdom… in order to improve the quality of your life, make better choices and be better equipped to be the person you want to be.

Couple ‘Healthy Self’ consultations: I will initially meet with you as a couple and may also feel it will be useful to meet you individually to get a deeper understand  of  your individual perspectives on the difficulties you are facing within the relationship. This will include which areas you wish to address and change in order to move forward. We will use the Healthy Self model to understand this. The 3 of us will then meet to discuss these findings and discuss further. The consultations will then focus on what you may need ‘as a couple’ to develop and change to manage these issues more productively.

Session times and fees:

Individual – 60 minutes: £80                                                                                                            75 minutes: £90

Couples  –     75 minutes £110