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Path of Enlightenment“What is psychotherapy?”

Psychotherapy is about relationships. As a Psychotherapist, I have a relationship with my clients. I learn about them… how they think, feel and behave.

I find out about their life, their experiences, their sadness, their achievements and their dreams.

This relationship, alongside my theoretical knowledge of human psychology helps me to enable the client to understand themselves better. To believe in new possibilities for their life. We use the therapeutic relationship to develop the trust needed to begin to relate differently to themselves and others.

People who I see come with many different issues. These include relationship issues, confidence problems, anxiety, depression, obsessive thinking, weight or addictive cycles…and many more.

Often, when people are stuck or in distress this is a result of beliefs that they hold about themselves or their situation. Part of our work will be unravelling and understanding these beliefs. Then to to ascertain if they are correct or if you need some help in changing them so that you can have more control over your life.

The Way I Work

There are a number of ways to address the same issues and over the years I have gained experience in working with many different models. The particular way we work will depend of a number of different factors, including the nature of the issue and the method that we think may be most suited to you and your situation.

If you have a particular issue then we may agree to meet for a set number of sessions with a particular focus and goal. If your difficulties are more entrenched then we will may need to meet for a longer period of time.

Please note that I am no longer in a position to see clients needing support with more complex needs.

The first couple of meetings will help us identify the best way forward and if I am the best clinician to help you. Neither of us will be committed to further sessions unless we both decide that this is the best way forward.

I believe that for change to occur it is important that you experience a safe, confidential and trusting relationship. Without trust it is difficult to talk about the things that affect you. We will work at a pace that feels comfortable to you. Once a certain level of trust has been established you will find it easier to discuss sensitive issues and be in a better position to make changes in your life.

The first couple of sessions will be focussed on the assessment. This is where I get a clearer understanding about the problem. This is similar to how your G.P. may need to see you more than once to ascertain the correct diagnosis. The difference in the therapy relationship is that you will be an active part of your healing, unlike the passive role of ‘the patient’. My role then becomes more like that of  a mid-wife… I have skills that facilitate the process but you are very actively involved in the process !!

My aim is to help you feel more in control, therefore enabling you to enrich and improve the quality of your life.


  • 50 minute psychotherapy session for an individual is £65 (self funding).
  • 50 minute personal development/psychotherapy session for an individual funded by organisation: £75.
  • 50 minute session for a couple: £75. If the session is agreed to be longer then the fee will increase pro rata.

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