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Testimonials for Psychotherapy Weekends

“To have been able to get in touch with long hidden emotional distress and for healing to have taken place was a huge gift for me. This workshop was a safe, nurturing and transforming time for me and I made deeper connections with people than usual…. Thank you.”
41 year old. Male. Mental Health Nurse.

“This was a very safe, holding weekend, where people were seen, heard and witnessed”.
59 year old. Female.

“I began to see Sandra at a time of absolute collapse for me. I was terrified for my family and for myself as I was truly paralysed by anxiety. Sandy’s time, patience and skill held me together, I was able to continue work as a GP and live a life with my family. She equipped me with the tools to manage my symptoms and the insight to understand their foundation. I felt safe, supported and developed a belief that I could live and feel differently, more positively. I am now in a very different place full of hope and self-belief. It was a truly life changing time and I cannot express how grateful I am.”
Male. General Practitioner.

“It was a moving and satisfying weekend on so many levels. To be in the company of so many giving, compassionate and courageous people, enabling me to make connections and move my own issues to a deeper understanding………well what can I say? …………I arrived home with much stronger feet on the ground.”
40 year old. Female. Student.

“A deeply moving and uplifting experience – it helped me deepen my understanding of issues including compassion towards myself.”
Female 47 year old. Student Drama-therapist.

“Professionally run weekend that holds your interest and increases your knowledge base from beginning to end – leaving you with a feeling of wanting more…………. An increased awareness that this is just the start of the journey of self discovery. I would recommend the weekend to anyone who has a desire to increase their quality of life and improve their relationship to them self and others.” 
Female. Social Worker.