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 Psychotherapy and Well Being Services

Welcome to Psychotherapy and Well Being Services

My name is Sandra Jay Russell and I work as a U.K.C.P. registered Psychotherapist and a Well Being Consultant. I live in Dorset and my clients are based all over the UK as much of my consultation work is now online. I have over the past couple of years embraced ‘meeting’ people on line but now am pleased to be offering clients (who prefer) face to face sessions

Over the years I have provided a wide range of therapy, personal development and training services with individuals, couple, teams and groups

Take a look at my article on how we can improve our lives and relationships through the use of my healthy self model here

The service offers 3 distinct areas of practice: 

  • Psychotherapy service for individuals: where you begin to explore your emotions and reactions of today by making sense of your world and experiences when younger. Couples: look at the dynamics at play in their relationships. Sometimes, using my Healthy Self model can be a useful aid to this process.
  • Well Being service for individuals and couples using the Healthy Self model as the structure for developing insights, awareness of triggers in order to then develop a wealth of coping strategies to move forward.
  • Woman’s Personal Development Group: Meets for weekend every 6 months ( 3 monthly zoom follow up sessions, and monthly support videos)

        Each service has its own page on the website for further explanation

My background: My work over the years has been diverse. I have had many rich experiences of working privately as well as within the N.H.S. as a Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor and Trainer. I have worked throughout the UK and am privileged to have developed and delivered a training package for staff in West Africa who work with neglected and trafficked children

My philosophy: Throughout my career I have always felt blessed to do the work I do. Meeting fellow human beings who allow me into their private worlds has always felt very humbling

Working collaboratively with all my clients is at the heart of my philosophy. I believe we all have the capacity to find our own answers but sometimes our history, circumstance or capacity prevent us from knowing how to access or do this. My relationship to my clients is a partnership: where we unravel the ball of string together to make sense of things and to discover what may be needed to move forward

Over the 30 years of working in the rich area of human psychology I have learnt many things, including the use of different therapeutic models – each with their own strengths and areas of weakness. Having the aid of a model can be a great resource to tackle making changes to our lives, but this only makes sense if we can relate personally  to it and the language of the model is accessible to our character and situation. I personally found many of the models to be limiting, so I decided to develop my own!

The Healthy Self model as an educational tool to empower people to  make changes and improve their lives. It hands the reigns back to the person to be in charge of their own life. It helps us all to make sense of our lives and highlights the areas we that we might want to look at developing. It helps us attain insight, knowledge and coping strategies. I use the model with individuals, couples and professionals to help them understand and strengthen their ‘healthy selves’ both personally and professionally

The essence of my philosophy was so beautifully spoken in a review session when my client said “….true healing comes from learning to sit alongside oneself”

My training: I am a Registered Psychotherapist with the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy (U.K.C.P). I hold a Post Graduate training qualification in Process Supervision and have also had training in Group Analysis, Family Therapy & Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (C.B.T).

More complex needs: *I unfortunately am no longer in a position to be able to offer psychotherapy for clients with more complex longer term needs.