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Welcome to Psychotherapy and Well Being Services

Covid-19 update: The practice is running as normal – I am currently seeing clients via zoom.

Welcome to Psychotherapy and Well Being Services. My name is Sandra Jay and I work as a U.K.C.P. registered Psychotherapist and a Well Being Consultant. I live in Dorset and my clients are based all over the UK as much of my consultation work is now on line.

I also look forward to the time when I can see clients in person again when it feels a little safer to do this.

Over the years I have provided a wide range of therapy, personal development and training services outside of my work with individuals.

As well as my Psychotherapy practice I also work as a Well Being Consultant: over the years I have developed a resourceful Healthy Self model for understanding our own triggers and how and why this links to our history. It more importantly helps us clarify what inner resources we need to be well within ourselves and our relationships.

The model is aimed at empowering each us of with self knowledge, resourceful strategies and new tools and puts us in charge of your own well being. I have been developing this educational side of my practice for many years. Unfortunately covid meant having to cancel Healthy Self courses and CPD events but I am now developing various courses (individual and group) that will be covering a wide range of subjects: my next course will be ‘changing eating habits for long term change’ to be up and running for the new year. I will upload information/ video with more information in the coming weeks. Please get in touch if you want to be included on my mailing list.

The additional services I provide are:

  • Assessment of psychological need for  short to medium term* psychotherapy  for individuals and couples
  • Educational and CPD courses for individuals/ couples/ professionals to understand my Healthy Self model. The model is designed to empower and resource individuals to make changes for themselves
  • Teaching work teams my Healthy Self model so individuals can maintain good mental health strategies and teams can acquire useful communication skills to work well in challenging environments.
  • YouTube channel offering free resources to all. Link below: if you subscribe (free) you will then be automatically informed of new videos as they occur.
  • Facebook (non interactive) page: Where I keep subscribers up to date with any courses I am running. Link below.

My work over the years has been diverse. I have many rich experiences of working throughout the UK offering various training and feel privileged to have had the opportunity to train and develop a training package for staff in West Africa who work with neglected and trafficked children.

I feel honoured to be able to do the work I do. To meet with people who trust me and let me in to their private worlds is very humbling. It is delightful to watch my clients develop and grow and take charge of their own paths with a new set of resources. I believe that true change comes from working together. The client or group bring their experiences and I bring mine and together we find a way of moving forward.

My training: I am a Registered Psychotherapist with the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy (U.K.C.P). I have worked for many years in a therapeutic, supervisory and training capacity with individuals, couples and groups, as well as working for many years in the N.H.S. as a Psychological Therapist. I hold a Post Graduate training qualification in Process Supervision and have also had training in Group Analysis, Family Therapy & Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (C.B.T).

Other general information: 

*I am unfortunately no longer offering a service to people with more complex longer term needs.


Links are:
Facebook Page:  @sandratherapyservices
YouTube:  Sandra Jay